admittedly there's something to be said for this all being so insular; it allows me to rant without fear of being seen by just... passing weirdos. Which is why I *loathe* birdsite. Still, it would be nice to have more than 2 or 3 posts lazily drag across my feed every hour or 2.

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Trying to find relays as this instance is still so insular and god theres a lot of nonsense out there huh

USPol, liberals, family 

@NightRose liberals' ability to uncritically fold jokes made about them into their schtick is actually kind of impressive

This is the grifter's all-purpose excuse: "If you didn't want me to rip you off, then why did you click 'I agree'?"

HP was just getting started, though. In the ideal world, you wouldn't even own your printer ink, you'd just RENT it.

Enter HP Instant Ink.

This is "ink as a service." You pre-commit to printing a certain number of pages/month and they mail you ink, which they own. You're not buying the ink, you're buying the right to use it.


This shit literally makes no sense, why do *nobodies* posts show up on my feed?? We'll see tomorrow but hopefully this is something that's wrong my end and not a weird feature.

I literally have no idea how this shit works to be honest. My mind is already mush from attempting to setup this service that actually figuring out how to use it is, at this moment, beyond my grasp.

If you're seeing this:
1. Hello :)
2. I'm sorry if I've violated some social contract already if I followed or interacted with you; I have been searching around other instances to find *anyone* to follow.


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